Florida Panelbeaters is approved by the following manufacturers.
Should your brand not be listed, give us a call for more information as we add new manufaturers and insurance companies to our list on a regular basis.


We are approved by the following insurance companies

We are approved by the following insurance companies


Another excellent service offered is our paintless dent removal which takes care of small dents and body impressions without the need of painting the body panels.

The dents are removed with the help of a trained technician and some specialized tools that have been created for this specific purpose.

The process involves evaluating the dents and deciding whether paintless dent removal is a feasible option (not all dents are removable with this process). The vehicle is then stripped to create the best possible access to the affected areas. The technician then waves his magic wand and Presto! – your car is dent free. The vehicle is then buffed until it reaches maximum shine potential.

This is obviously a cost effective repair option for hail damage or those pesky dents on the sides of your vehicle caused by opening and closing car doors at shopping centres etc.